Chongchong Marketing Assistant is a new generation of comprehensive SEO tool software

This SEO tool was successfully developed after  , widely adopting user suggestions, upgrading, and improving technical architecture.

Chongchong Marketing Assistant is divided into eight functional modules:
1, Blog forum group posting and mass building: primarily supports mass posting of large-scale portal blogs, large forums, post bars, various review sites, classified information, and B2B business information sites.
2. Station group management is completely free, and it supports over 180 different types of mainstream single-user and multi-user public station building programs! It is easily capable of managing hundreds of websites and blog station groups.
3. Article collection is quick because of the built-in powerful collection module, the flexible collection rule writing function, and the ability to collect the content of any website.
4. To increase search engine revenue, pseudo-original articles support title combination, paragraph scrambling, synonym replacement, keyword automatic link, and random keyword insertion functions.
5. Other SEO support includes built-in PR value, key ranking, website index number, keyword density, and a slew of other personalized small functions that are easy to use and improve work efficiency.
6, Intelligent recognition of verification codes: When registering for various blog and forum accounts, the account information is automatically filled in for the user, and the user only needs to fill in the verification code and submit it to register successfully.
7. Sprocket/chaining function: add links to other articles within an article, cross-promote collection, and add multiple links in series.
8. Flexible data management: All-around data management, including upload, backup and download, import and export backup and restore functions, allowing you to worry-free manage important website information in mathematics and science.

We will provide a USB dongle, a paper user manual, and an installation disk (you can also download it from the website and do not necessarily need a CD), and we will send SF express and free shipping by default (if SF does not reach STO Yuantong, EMS is optional), usually delivered within 1-3 days, and can be installed and used without a registration code. The software can be installed on multiple devices, but it can only be used on the one with the dongle plugged in. The USB dongle is covered by a one-year warranty. If it is intentionally damaged or lost, or if the warranty period has expired, you can purchase a dongle for only 150 yuan, with express delivery included.


1. List of websites and function descriptions that the software supports:

Support Chinese mainstream large-scale portal blogs and forums , reaching about 100 as of June 2014, including: Sina Blog, 163 Netease Blog, China Blog, Sohu Blog, Baidu Space, Google, Phoenix Blog, Hexun Blog,, Blog Bus blogbus, Tianya Blog, Csdn Blog, Oriental Fortune Blog, CICC Blog, Douban, Ruili Blog, Tudou Personal Space, Zhongguancun Online Blog, China Pictures Personal Space, Hongwang Xiuke, Soufun Blog, Enterprise blog, bit blog, CCID IT blog, red bean blog, public forum, iResearch, global online blog, China Securities Finance blog, 51CTO technology blog, territory free website space, entrepreneurship state, FC2 blog, baby homepage _Parent-child parenting blog-cradle space, blog channel – Mtime time network, peninsula blog, PClady sun guest, China securities network blog, same city travel network blog, YOKA fashion network space, Jinti.Com-blog channel, my neighbor network space, Wei space, babytree baby tree, blog, Xici Hutong community, blog, hotline blog Shenzhen hotline, 365 blog, ChinaUnix blog, Baidu Encyclopedia, Wikipedia, Interactive Encyclopedia, Renren, Kaixin,, | Light Blog, Sina Light Blog, Tencent Qzone, Sohu Weibo, Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo, Netease Weibo, Digu Picture Network, Petal Picture Network, Baidu Post Bar, Hexun Stock Bar, Ganji Network , classified information,, Baidu Knows, Tianya Q&A, Tianya come on, Tianya classified information,,, China, Questions and Answers, Oriental Fortune Forum, Auto Forum -Online Auto Market, SouFun Forum, Sohu Owner Forum, Csdn Programmer Forum, Alibaba Business Forum, Zhongguancun Online, Software Forum, Nokia Mobile Phone Forum Mobile China, Mobile Phone Forum, WeiPhone, Netease News Forum, Huasheng Forum, China online community, etc.Support English high-weight websites , reaching more than 20 as of June 2014, including: Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+,,, Viviti,, Blogster, Thoughts, Wikispaces, Quizilla, BlogHer , Tumblr, Devhub, Skyrock,, Webs,, EklaBlog, Overblog,, etc.;Supports high-weight websites in Japanese, Korean, traditional and small languages , reaching more than 20 as of June 2014, including: Taiwan blog, Taiwan PcHome blog, Ameba, JUGEM,, yam sky tribe, 楽天ブログ, みぶろぐ, random Nest, no material ブログ, roodo, Sina tribe, blog, COTOBACO, udn blog, uBlog campus blog, all Taiwan-iPeen 爱评网, yaplog,, はてな, MARUTA, no material desheng り上がれるガールズBBS! , BabyHome, Sengoku BBS, etc.;Supports mainstream single-user and multi-user public website building program types, including a large number of domestic forums and foreign forums (professional version of the station group module) one hundred and eightyVarious, including: CMS template type, automatic verification type, general custom publishing station, ZBlog, WordPress, DedeCms (dream weaving), Imperial CMS, Dongyi CMS, Bo-BLog blog, Pjblog blog, worry-free CMS, Php168 (V6 ) Cms, KingCMS 5.0 ASP, ActCms 3.0, Xinyun CMS4.0, PhpCms2008, Emlog, SDCMS era website information management system, MovableTypeCMS, Typecho CMS, KingCMS PHP, Joomla English CMS, Renren, Kexun CMS, PhpMps CMS , Joomla Chinese CMS, Destoon CMS, Asp CMS, Jirui Chinese CMS, ZencartCMS, Php168 Classified Information CMS, Tuoqing CMS, Microsoft Live Space Blog, Shopex, EcShop, Enterprise QQ Space, iwms, OBLOG3, Discuz Forum, PBDigg Article Station , PhpWind Forum, Dongwang Blog Official Site, WordPress Mu , FreeBlog English Blog, phpFox-Powered By phpFox, Blog System Demo Site, Weblog Blogs,, UnknownEdu Message Board, UnknownBoard Japanese Announcement Board, DorkWeb Blog Comments, Clever Reveal Board, Custombbs Disclosure Board, NingGlamSocial, Bravenet, Telligent Forum, Cbox Comments, PhpBB2 Forum, Advanced Guestbook, Lazarus Guestbook, Burning Board Forum, Burning Board Minor Language Forum, Jiskoshij Micblog, Scritter Micblog, EMeeting Forum, JoomalaComment Message Board Comments, EBlah Forum, YetAnother Forum, YetAnother Minor Language Forum, vBulletin Forum, WordPress Blog Comments, Guessbook Comments,PhpBB3 Forum, Piwigo Album Reviews, Zenphoto Foreign Album Reviews, Images4 Foreign Album Reviews, Osclass Foreign Classified Ads, Noah Foreign Classified Ads, DataLife Message Board Reviews, Invision Power IpBoard Forum, UseBB Forum, Shownews News Reviews, PeplePods SNS, Etano SNS, Direct Sellers Discussion Area, Discuz5d6d, Kentweb, Aef, Vanilla, BioWare Social Network, PhpLD Category Directory, MiniBB Foreign Forum, Kunena Foreign Forum, Fud Foreign Forum, Gubby French Message Board Comments, Nuked French Message Board Comments, Openblog Blog Comments, Phpweb Member Center, Oxwall Social, Gallery Album, Surpz blog, Xoops, Daum Comments, Fluxbb Foreign Forum, WebWiz Foreign Forum, MercuryBoard Foreign Forum, FireBoardImpl Foreign Forum, FireBoard Minor Language Forum, Drupal Comments, Tikiwiki English Wiki, Blogtonix English SnS Blog, bbPress,Wp-Answers Demo,WordPres|Classified Ads Software,Smartblog,Profile Blog,Vbulletin Blog,Phpfusion Blog,Phpmotion Blog,Skadate English Community Blog,Dzoic English Community Blog,MediaWiki English Wiki,Onesite Community Blog,IwebsSns Community Blog,Discux X community blog, Micolog English blog comment, wordPress&BuddyPress English blog, Elgg foreign blog, JcowImpl foreign blog, Phpdug English bookmark, Yabb foreign forum, Expressionengine foreign forum, ArticleMS English article submission, Article Dashboard English article submission, E107 foreign forum news delivery, Webspell foreign blog forum (support comments),B2evolution English blog comments, SMF Simple Machines Forum, Pligg English Digg (diggers), Boonex (Dolphin) English blogs, UnKnownType2 English blogs, Xmb foreign forums, SocialEngine English blogs, Unknowntype3 English blogs, Boardtopic blog comments, Unknowntype4Aspx blog comments, BbsGood Official Forum, Huarenblog Free Blog, Qjblog Official Station, Php Ask Bar, HDWiKi, ReadNews News Comment Site, LeoBBS Leo Forum, DedeCms (Weaving Dreams) Member Center, UCenterHome Chinese Blog, Discuz!NT-Open Source ASP.NET Forum, Discuz X PHP open source forum, PhpMps open source classification information system, SupeSite Chinese blog, Youling phpb2b system, B2Bbuilder system, Bbsxp forum, Destoon B2b, Wrmps classification information type, Freebbs Taiwan forum, ant classification information, SpaceBuilder community blog, ModoerImpl comment classification information, ThinkSNS open source microblog system, Phpwind V8.5 Chinese forum, Phpwind V8.5 Chinese community blog, etc.;SupeSite Chinese blog, Youling phpb2b system, B2Bbuilder system, Bbsxp forum, Destoon B2b, Wrmps classification information type, Freebbs Taiwan forum, ant classification information, SpaceBuilder community blog, ModoerImpl comment classification information, ThinkSNS open source microblogging system, Phpwind V8.5 Chinese forum, Phpwind V8.5 Chinese community blog, etc.;SupeSite Chinese blog, Youling phpb2b system, B2Bbuilder system, Bbsxp forum, Destoon B2b, Wrmps classification information type, Freebbs Taiwan forum, ant classification information, SpaceBuilder community blog, ModoerImpl comment classification information, ThinkSNS open source microblogging system, Phpwind V8.5 Chinese forum, Phpwind V8.5 Chinese community blog, etc.;

2. Introduction to the differences between each software version:

This software is available in two versions: personal (150USD) and professional (350USD). Because fewer people chose the previous standard version, it has now been canceled. By paying the difference, the personal version can be upgraded to the professional version.

The personal version includes selected data from approximately 200 websites with higher PR values (including large blogs, forums, portals, classified information, and so on), but it cannot add websites on its own, cannot download website lists, and lacks website resources to grab Fetch and update functions.

The professional version is a full-featured version that supports station group management functions and can also download and import additional data, such as domestic and foreign small and medium-sized blogs, various popular forums at home and abroad, English blogs, WIKI, DIGG, blog comments, news comments, photo albums

personal edition standard edition professional edition software function
Cancel 2800 yuan Product Price (First Purchase) 800 yuan
Cancel 2800/3=933 yuan Renewal Price (Annual Fee) 800/3=266 yuan
Cancel free switch with USB dongle
Cancel auto update
The number of websites that can be promoted is limitless.
3 registered accounts per month
Approximately 600 units per month Cancel unlimited
Monthly publication limit of 50 pieces
Cancel unlimited times 10,000 pieces per month
Cancel 300+ the default number of resources
Cancel 100+ Chinese high authority portal blog’, forum
Cancel 20+ high-weight websites in Japanese, Korean, traditional, and small languages
Cancel 20+ English high authority website
Favorite Websites 10+ Cancel 10+
Other website types 30+ Cancel 30+
0 Cancel 180+ Multi-user Module (various general website building programs)
Add your own websites and URLs x Cancel
Cancel x Download more website lists from the server
Cancel x Website resource collection update, rule customization
Collection of article content, rule customization x Cancel
Cancel is another basic software function.

The professional version has the ability to download additional website list data from the server:




3. Requirements for the software operating environment and hardware configuration

CPU: Intel dual-core @ 2.50GHz or higher (the faster the CPU, the smoother the operation).
Hard disk: greater than 40 GB
Memory: 1 GB or more, preferably 2 GB;
Display: 1024*768 resolution or higher;
USB interface, keyboard, and mouse are examples of peripherals.
Network bandwidth: greater than 512K; recommended 2M-8M
Because it does not support remote terminal services, it cannot be used on servers; the software can only be accessed via a local console.
Operating system: Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/Win7, 32-bit and 64-bit versions supported.
The software’s running process consumes a lot of CPU resources because it requires a large number of network connection operations, web page source code analysis, verification code image analysis and recognition, automatic article processing, and other calculations. It is recommended that you run this software on a computer with a high configuration. If the hardware configuration is poor, the thread setting (parameter Aa) must be reduced while running.

4. Upgrade description and future continuous development plan

We add new website support on a regular basis and generally release automatic updates 2-3 times per week. The newly added sites aren’t just blogs. Increase the support of portal forums, large forums, post bars, classified information stations, DIGG, news sources, news delivery, and other websites. Any valuable websites that can publish information and external links may be added to the software support based on user suggestions and Chongchong’s research. Specific site suggestions are welcome.

To maintain the software and its vitality, to ensure continuous development and maintenance, and to protect the interests of users, this software adopts the method of charging annual fees: the software you purchase, free upgrades and technical support within the first year, and from the second year. Those who have not renewed their licenses by the expiration date will be unable to use the software. Until the renewal, the software will be re-opened. Users who do not need to use the software for a specific period of time can request that it be sealed (minimum 2 months), and the time spent sealing is not counted in the use period.

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